Tips To Design Eye Catching Vinyl Banners

tips to design eye catching vinyl banners

Avinyl banner can be a great way to advertise your business at a really low cost

One thing that small businesses need to understand is that perception is reality. If you create the perception that you are a professional outfit with your marketing material, it builds trust with clients and helps build your brand. Signage, vinyl banners and any form of branding only adds to the perception. When creating a vinyl banner here are some tips to bear in mind.

Dare to be bold with your signage

The whole point of a vinyl banner is that it needs to be viewed from a distance. You are grabbing someone’s attention as they are passing by, sometimes at high speeds in their car, so the signage must be big enough to see. The font must also be clear and large, there is no point grabbing their attention to a sign that can’t be read because the italics are too hard to decipher.

Where are you putting your vinyl banner

Your vinyl banner needs to stand out, so if you are attaching it to a black fence, a primarily black banner would not stand out. Always take the potential surroundings into account when choosing the primary colours on your banner.

It's a clear sign

Your passionate about your business and you want to tell the world. But you need to take a step back and work out, what is the most important message to convey. Overloading a customer with information, especially when it is meant to only catch their attention can have the opposite effect.

Make your signage familiar

People love seeing something familiar, so make sure you show off your brand. Building brand recognition is an important part of building your business.

Colour is a great sign

Colour has the ability to evoke emotions, so when you are trying to get a message across on your signage it is important to take into consideration what you are trying to say, and what colour might help you get that portray that message quickly. For example, the colour blue is associated with tranquillity and peace, so it would be great to use blue in promoting a cleaning company, or one that sells water purifications products, or air conditioners for example.
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