The Difference Between a 3D LED Sign and a Light Box


Electronic signage comes in several varieties, but two of the most popular options are 3D LED signage and light boxes. To help you choose the right electronic signage for your business, our signage experts explain the key differences between these two products.

3D LED Signage

3D signage is an extremely popular option for all types of businesses and is rendered far more effective when illuminated with LEDs. The defining features of a 3D LED signage is a fabricated logo and/or text that is lit up with internal LEDs. 3D LED signage is extremely effective as each letter or logo illuminates individually. This type of signage is extremely customisable, as you can choose the letter thickness of your signage as well as the material used for its construction. The most popular options are acrylic or stainless steel, and lighting can be plain white, single coloured or multi coloured (RGB). We can also add an LED controller to change colours and sequences as required.

Light Box Signage

Light box signage has been a popular signage option for several decades. A light box is aptly named due to its box-like construction. A light box is a box with lights inside and a flat opal acrylic face panel with vinyl or printed graphics to illuminate your logo and name. There are two main materials that are used for the casing of light boxes – acrylic and aluminium.
The main benefit of light box signage is the ability to change the printed graphics, so you can alter your sign without replacing it completely. Light box signage is generally rectangular which makes for easy mass production and franchising, however we can build a lightbox in any specific shape.

Want to make your business pop?

Light up your shopfront with electronic 3D LED signage or light boxes. With over 20 years’ experience in the fabrication industry, our team of Gold Coast designers and fabrication specialists can create unique LED and light box signage to help get your business noticed. To learn more, call 07 5591 SIGN.
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