Advantages Of Installing A Pylon Sign

advantages of installing a pylon sign
Have you ever been driving home and seen a sign and thought, actually I do need that? Signage is a powerful tool and used correctly can yield great results.
Pylon signs let people know you exist
Pylon signs are a great way to attract attention to your location within a close vicinity. When driving on a busy road a potential customer might not know you even exist, and shy of having a physical building they can see from the road, a pylon sign can alert people to your location and existence.
Pylon signage gets you noticed
When you’re in a shopping centre, how do you get the attention of potential customer prior to them coming into the centre. A pylon sign that’s how. By displaying your signage on a pylon sign you can let people know that you are inside the centre.
A Pylon sign has great visibility

When cars drive by a pylon sign it is a great way to alert them to the shops and/or services ahead. You only really have to look at McDonalds to see how successful this has been. How many times have you been driving along and your children see the sign for the golden arches and insists on stopping for a happy meal?

A Pylon sign can become a landmark

Driving up to the Gold Coast from Sydney, many people choose to stop at the Big Banana on the way. A pylon sign could be a landmark for the local area. When giving directions people could be using your sign as a landmark, what a great way to make an impression on the local community.

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